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Do You Like The Wings or The Jumpman?

Don’t want to get to deep on Air Jordan logo history but I will touch on the important things you should know.

Air Jordan Logo HistorySo let’s dive into the “Jumpman” which was designed for promotional use by the Nike Corporation to sell Michael Jordan merchandise including the infamous Air Jordans.

This logo is the one that gets all the talk but you should not forget about the “Wings” logo that was designed and marks history as the design of Michael’s very first and second shoe in his legendary line.

When the Air Jordan III designed by Tinker Hatfield was released in 1988 fans went crazy. This is when the iconic Jumpman logo hit the scene and catapulted Nike and Michael Jordan’s success to another level.

So many people even today think that the Jumpman is a picture of Mike slamming. Air Jordan Jumpman Logo

This is NOT true and it’s not a dunk. The logo is actually the silhouette of Jordan performing a ballet move by just jumping in the air.

The photo was captured and rendered into his actual logo.

Betcha didn’t know that!

Here is the Michael Jordan Quote on it all.

MJ: “I wasn’t even dunking on that one. People think that I was. I just stood on the floor, jumped up and spread my legs and they took the picture. I wasn’t even running. Everyone thought I did that by running and taking off. Actually, it was a ballet move where I jumped up and spread my legs. And I was holding the ball in my left hand.”

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