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Air Jordan Colorways and Nicknames

Air Jordan Colorways

Traditionally, the basic colorways of Air Jordan’s have been in the Chicago Bulls colors, for obvious reasons. But where do all the retro+ and LS colorways come from?

Are they just random ideas that Jordan Brand employees come up with?

Do they hear random people on the street talking about how good a certain shoe would look with a certain color on it?

Either way, most of the unorthodox colorways that find their way onto Air Jordan’s seem to please the masses. A few of them are so hard to come by, that prices for them have gone through the roof.

Sure, slapping a color on a shoe and calling it limited may not be pleasing, but it sure makes the shoe game interesting! Here is a list of all the Air Jordan colorways and nicknames.

Altitudes - Air Jordan 13 black/green colorway.  Air Jordan 13, Altitudes, retro
Aquas - Air Jordan 8 black/aqua colorway. Air Jordan 8, Aqua, Retro
Black Toes - Air Jordan 1 the toe area is black and the of the Jordan is white/red. Air Jordan 1, Black Toes
Bred - Black/Red Air Jordan colorways. Air Jordan 11, Bred, retro
Bordeaux - Air Jordan 7 Original Colorway. Air Jordan VII Bordeaux Colorway  
Cardinals - Air Jordan 7 white/black/cardinal colorway.   Air Jordan 7, Cardinal, retro
Carmines - Air Jordan 6 white/carmine/black.  Air Jordan 6, Carmines
Cements - Mostly refers to the Air Jordan 3 or 4 in white/cement grey colorway. Also, Jordans with cement grey may be called "Cements", and Jordans with cement print.

Air Jordan 3, Cement, retro

Air Jordan 4, Cement, retro 

Citrus - Air Jordan 7 Retro black/citrus/varsity red. Air Jordan 7, Citrus, Retro 
Columbias - Air Jordan 11 white/columbia blue colorway. MJ's college colorway! Air Jordan 11, Columbia, Retro 
Concords - Air Jordan 11 white/concord black colorway. Air Jordan 11, Concord, Retro 
Cool Greys - Air Jordans in the all grey "cool grey" colorway. Air Jordan 3, 4, 9, and 11.

Air Jordan 3, Cool Grey, retro

Air Jordan 4, Cool Grey, retro

Air Jordan 9, Cool Grey, retro

Air Jordan 11, Cool Grey, retro

Air Jordan 12, Cool Grey 

DMP - Defining Moments Pack. They came in a golden box, Air Jordan 6 and 11. Air Jordan DMP, Defining Moments Pack, DMP  
Doernbecher - The special edition Jordan shoes created one a year by children at the Doernbecher hospital. Jordan Brand teams up with the hospital to help raise funds for medical research. Proceeds go to charity. Air Jordan Doernbecher, 3, retro 

Eminems - Air Jordan 4 blue/black colorway. Made for the rapper Eminem "A Very Shady X-Mas". Only 50 pairs!

Air Jordan 2 Eminem - The Way I Am, the ankle collar and toe box features handwritten lyrics from Eminem songs, and a Black / Stealth – Red color scheme. For Em fans and Jordan fans, this pair will release exclusively at the Air Jordan Flight Club online, and limited to 313 pairs (Marshall’s area code in Detroit).

Air Jordan 4, Eminem, retro

Eminem Air Jordan 2 


Flints - Air Jordan 13 french blue/flint grey colorway. Also, other Jordans in flint grey colorways may be called "Flints".

Air Jordan 13, Flint, retro 

Grapes - Air Jordan 5 white/emerald green/grape.

Air Jordan 5, Grape, retro 
Hares - Air Jordan 7 off white/red/green colorway. Some people may call them the "Bugs Bunnys". Air Jordan 7, Hare, retro 

Indiglos - Air Jordan 14 black/indiglo colorway.

Air Jordan 14, Indiglo, retro 

Infrareds - Air Jordan 6 black/infrared colorway.

Air Jordan 6, Infrared, retro 

Laneys - Air Jordan 5 white/royal blue/ yellow colorway. Made in the colorway of MJ's High School.

Air Jordan 5, Laney, retro 

Lightnings - Air Jordan 4 tour yellow colorway (Thunder & Lightning Pack, limited online release). Also, the Air Jordan 17 white/lightning/black/chrome colorway.

 Air Jordan 4, Lightning, retro

Mars - Air Jordan 4 Retro white/varsity red/black. Some people call them Mars Blackmon which is the character Spike Lee played. They feature a picture of Spike Lee aka Mars Blackmon on the back of the Jordans.

Air Jordan 4, Mars Blackmon, retro 

Melos - Air Jordan 2 white/university blue/yellow colorway. The Air Jordan 12 white/university blue colorway. Both in Carmelo Anthony's team colorway the Denver Nuggets. Also, Melo has is own Jordan line out, and they are also called Melos.

Air Jordan 2, Carmelo Anthony, retro 

Militaries - Air Jordan 4 white/military blue colorway.

Air Jordan 4, Military, Blue, retro 
Olives - Air Jordan 9 black/light olive/true red colorway. Also, some people may refer to the Air Jordan 5 army green/ solar orange/black colorway as olive 5's. Air Jordan 9, Olive, retro 

Olympics - Air Jordan 6 midnight navy/varsity red/white colorway. Also, the Air Jordan 7 white/metallic gold/midnight navy/true red colorway. Both were made in the USA Olympic Team colors.

Air Jordan 6, Olympic, retro

Air Jordan 7, Olympic, retro 


Playoffs - Air Jordan 12 black/white/varsity red colorway. Also, the Air Jordan 13 black/true red/white colorway.

Air Jordan 12, Playoffs, retro 

Raptors - Air Jordan 7 black/dark charcoal/ true red colorway.

Air Jordan 7, Raptor, retro 

September Blues - Air Jordan 6 white/september blue/black colorway.

Air Jordan 6, September Blue, sport blue, retro 

Space Jams - Air Jordan 11 black/varsity royal/white colorway. This is the same Air Jordan MJ wore in the movie "Space Jam".

Air Jordan 11, Space Jams, retro 

Stealths - Air Jordan 20 black/stealth/varsity red colorway.

 Air Jordan 20, Stealth, retro

Taxis - Air Jordan 12 white/black/taxi.

 Air Jordan 12, Taxi ,retro
Thunders - Air Jordan 4 black/yellow colorway (Thunder & Lightning Pack, limited online release). Air Jordan 4, Thunder, Retro 

True Blues - Air Jordan 3 white/true blue colorway.

Air Jordan 3, True Blue, Retro 
Undefeateds - Air Jordan 4 army green/orange colorway. Made for Undefeated and only 72 pairs were made. Also, some people call the Air Jordan 5 army green/solar orange colorway "Undefeateds".  Air Jordan 4, Undefeated, Retro

Wheats - Air Jordan 13 white/wheat colorway.

Air Jordan 13, Wheat, Retro 

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